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A timeline of the signficant events in our company's history, from the initial research on which our company was founded to the present day. 

2003  Ink-jet Printing of Viable Cells patented by Dr. Thomas Boland at Clemson University

2004–2005  Organ Printing work begun at University of Missouri–Columbia. $5M National Science Foundation Frontiers in Integrative Biological Research (FIBR) grant awarded to multi-institution team led by Prof. Gabor Forgacs of the University of Missouri–Columbia.  First patent application for NovoGen™ bioprinting platform filed, Self-Assembling Cell-Aggregates and Methods of Making the Same, by Forgacs, Mironov, Jakab, Neagu.

2005–2006  Organovo founding team discusses formation of company around Forgacs organ printing technology, visits Forgacs labs in Columbia, Missouri

April 2007  Organovo, Inc. formally incorporated in Delaware, with the intent to license the Forgacs patent suite and launch a 3D bioprinting company

August 2007  Keith Murphy leaves Amgen, Inc. to begin role as full-time CEO of Organovo, Inc.

July 2008  Organovo, Inc. begins raising startup funds, leading to an eventual $3M in angel financing

November 2008  First full-time employee of Organovo, Inc. is hired

January 2009  Organovo opens laboratory in San Diego, CA

September 2009  Organovo and Invetech complete work on “Project Leeloo,” delivery of the NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™

August 2009  Organovo awarded first NIH grant, for creation of bioprinted blood vessels

December 2010  Organovo describes work on its fully cellular blood vessel, demonstrating ability to create novel tissues in 3D using only primary human cells

March 2011  Organovo begins corporate partnerships in drug discovery

February 2012  Organovo goes public through a $15.2M financing round

May 2012  Organovo expands management team

July 2012  Organovo announces two issued patents: first company patent and key founder patent

July 2012  Organovo moves to new, larger laboratory in San Diego, CA

December 2012  Organovo partners with Autodesk Research to develop 3D bioprinting software

January 2013  Organovo and OHSU Knight Cancer Institute establish collaboration for cancer research

February 2013  Organovo partners with ZenBio to create 3D tissue models

April 2013  Organovo presents data describing key features of 3D human liver model

July 2013   Organovo Stock lists on NYSE MKT

July 2013   Organovo partners with Methuselah Foundation on Funding of Bioprinting Research at Research Institutions

August 2013   Organovo closes $46.6 million secondary public offering

October 2013   Organovo reports update of 1 month performance and drug responsiveness for 3D bioprinted liver tissue

November 2013   Organovo expands headquarters facility in San Diego, CA

January 2014   Organovo announces technology access collaboration with National Institutes of Health

January 2014  Organovo announces delivery of first 3D liver tissue to Key Opinion Leader

April 2014   Organovo announces pre-release availability of 3D Liver Contract Services