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Careers & Culture

What does it take to build a 3D human tissues company? Dedication to translating great science into practical achievements. We are a team-driven organization that’s based on mutual trust and respect—where openness, transparency, and consensus building are all highly valued. We are driven by data, and every day we work hard to push the boundaries of our technology. 

Join Our Team

The positions that we’re currently recruiting for are listed below. If you’re a skilled scientist or professional who thrives in a dynamic growth environment, get in touch with us.

Beware of Internet Scammers

Organovo has been alerted that there are individuals pretending to be Organovo employees who are interviewing and offering people jobs that involve working at home. They are attempting to defraud job seekers by selling software that they claim will allow the candidate to work for Organovo. Please be aware that Organovo does not currently have any work from home positions nor do we offer any. Organovo also has never interviewed candidates in online text chat, and if you have been interviewed in such a manner you are interacting with those perpetrating the scam. We have reported these fraudulent activities to the FBI who are investigating. Please contact us at if you have an interest in one of our listed positions, and at if you have questions or information about these fraudulent activities. Organovo expresses its deepest regret to anyone who has been targeted by this fraud.